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School of Medicine

School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences (Medical Sciences)

Courses on Maxillofacial and Neck Function Reconstruction

Courses on Biological Support and Organization

Courses on Environmental and Social Medicine

  • Global Health Promotion

    Professor Takeo Fujiwara

  • Parasitic Diseases in the Global Environment

    (Currently screening applicants)

  • Forensic Medicine

    Professor Koichi Uemura

  • Public Health Policy

    Professor Kazuo Kawahara

  • Medical Research and Development

    Professor Kozo Takase

  • Medical Research and Development

    Professor Kozo Takase

  • Advanced Medical Ethics

    Professor Masayuki Yoshida

  • Insured Medical Care Management

    Professor Masumi Ai

  • Global Health Entrepreneurship

    Professor Keiko Nakamura

Courses on Aging Control

Courses on Development of Holistic Treatments

  • Clinical Examination Technology

    Professor Shuji Toda

  • Biointensive Management

    Professor Hidenobu Shigemitsu

  • Psychotherapy and Palliative Care

    (Currently screening applicants)

  • Education and Developments in Clinical Medicine

    (Currently screening applicants)

  • Acute Critical Care and Disaster Medicine

    Professor Yasuhiro Otomo

  • Clinical Oncology

    Professor Satoshi Miyake

  • Professional Development for Pioneering Treatments

    Professor Kazuki Takada

  • Integrated Clinical Medicine

    Professor Yosuke Takemura

Courses on Cognitive Behavioral Medicine

Courses on Biological and Environmental Response

Courses on Organ System Control

Advanced Medical Development Courses

Endowed Courses and Research Departments

  • Department of Lifetime Clinical Immunology

    Professor Masaki Mori

  • Department of Liver Disease Control

    Professor Yasuhiro Asahina

  • Department of Cartilage Regeneration

    Associate Professor Kunikazu Tsuji

  • Department of Advanced Gastrointestinal Treatments

    Associate Professor Tetsuya Nakamura

  • Department of Developments in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery and Treatments

    Associate Professor Shinichi Sotome

  • Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Control

    Associate Professor Meiyo Tamaoka

  • Department of Pediatrics and Community-Based Perinatal Treatments (Ibaraki branch)

    Professor Shouzaburo Doi

  • Department of Articular Function Reconstruction

    Associate Professor Toshifumi Watanabe

  • Department of Women's Health

    Associate Professor Masakazu Terauchi

  • Nephrology and Regional Health (Ibaraki branch)

    Dr. Tatemitsu Rai

  • Exploratory Research on Vascular Metabolism

    Associate Professor Mariko Tani

  • Research and Development on Advanced Technology for Surgery and Treatments

    Associate Professor Katsuhiro Ohuchi

  • Department of Progressive Arrhythmia

    Associate Professor Ryouei Takahashi

  • Department of Cardiac Disease Treatments

    Associate Professor Taishi Yonetsu

  • Department of Gastroenterology-Linked Treatments

    Associate Professor Seishin Azuma

Joint Research Courses

  • Department of Application of Advanced Technology and Treatments

    Professor Shigenori Kawabata

  • Department of Functional Joint Anatomy

    Associate Professor Akimoto Nimura

  • Department of Advanced Visual Imaging

    Associate Professor Takeshi Yoshida

  • Department of Nano-Bioscience

    Professor Yoshinori Asou

Research Facilities (Medical)


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