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School of Health Care Sciences

Nursing Sciences Major and Nursing Innovative Science Major (Graduate School)

Courses on Fundamental Nursing and Development

  • Department of Nursing Health Services Research

    Professor Masayo Kashiwagi

  • Community Health Nursing

    Professor Rumi Tsukinoki

Courses on Clinical Nursing and Development

  • Department of Adult Health Nursing

    Professor Makoto Tanaka

  • Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

    (Currently screening applicants)

  • Child and Family Developmental Nursing

    Associate Professor Motoko Okamitsu

  • Reproductive Health Nursing

    Professor Noriko Okubo

  • Home and Palliative Care Nursing

    Professor Sakiko Fukui

Courses on Advanced Nursing Systems Development

  • International Nursing Development

    Professor Akiko Kondo

  • Nursing System Management

    Associate Professor Kana Sato

  • Gerontological Nursing and Nursing Care Development

    Professor Yasuko Ogata

Cooperative Doctoral Course in Disaster Nursing (Graduate)

Cooperative Doctoral Course in Disaster Nursing

  • Cooperative Course on Disaster Nursing

    Professor Yoshiko Sasaki

Medical Technology Major and Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Major (Graduate School)

Courses on Biopsies and Testing

  • Anatomical and physiological analysis

    Professor Osamu Hoshi

  • Molecular Life Data Analysis


  • Gene Testing and Cytodiagnosis

    Associate Professor Nobuharu Suzuki

  • Molecular Pathology

    Professor Motoji Sawabe

  • Biofunctional System Engineering

    Professor Minami Ito

  • Respiratory and Nervous System Analysis

    Professor Yuki Sumi

  • Cardiovascular Physiological Analysis


  • Advanced Analysis and Testing

    Professor Ryunosuke Okawa

  • Advanced Blood Testing

    Associate Professor Miwako Nishio

  • Immunopathological Testing

    (Currently screening applicants)

  • Molecular Pathogen Testing

    Associate Professor Ryoichi Sato

  • Development in Hematological Treatments

    Professor Ayako Arai

Collaborative Fields

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