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 This program has different stages that aim to train research doctors, comprising of a "Field Research Program" and a "Researcher Training Course". The "Field Research Program" serves as an introduction to research and the program is available to students in Year 2 and after at the School of Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine. The program's purpose is for students to acquire research skills at an earlier date at a basic research lab utilizing extra time outside regular school hours.
 Students who select the program and wish to further pursue research may proceed to the "Researcher Training Course" after experiencing the Field Research Program and the Project Semester (a requisite in the Year 4 curriculum). The "Researcher Training Course" is an integrated program for the undergraduate and graduate school with the premise of training students who want to become research doctors, available to students at the School of Medicine in Year 5 or higher. All the students who are currently enrolled in the undergraduate or graduate school will receive stipends granted by the university, and can make use of specially-appointed assistant professor positions at the university upon completing the course. Tokyo Medical and Dental University is aiming for diverse ways to cultivate research doctors by selecting and combining these programs, including the MD-PhD courses already set up at the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences.

  • Field Research Program

    ・For students in Year 2 - 6

    ・Registration at the beginning of Year 2 after introduction to a basic research lab

    ・Using time outside regular school hours to put research into practice

    ・Around 10 students can participate as a general rule, but the final decision will be left to the classes accepting participants.

    ・Regularly-held meetings

    ・Can flexibly change research labs

    ・Recognized as class credits (as an elective)

  • Researcher Training Course

    ・Integrated from students in Year 5 to graduate school students (MD-PhD courses can also be used)

    ・Selections made at the end of Year 4 (application, interview)

    ・Regularly-held course meetings

    ・Monthly stipend of \100,000 (\80,000 during MD / PhD courses)

    ・Graduate school students receive diploma in 3 years in principle.

    ・If students will continue their research at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, they may be appointed within the university as a specially-appointed assistant professor (post-doc) for a maximum of three years upon completing the graduate school program.

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The Seamless Next-Generation Researcher Training Program (Field Research Program and Researcher Training Course)

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