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Information sent from this website is used for responses, sending materials, and improvements for web services from the national university corporation Tokyo Medical and Dental University (hereafter “the University”). Personal information obtained on this website will be safely protected. The University has designated the following privacy policy so that information can be used appropriately and it will disclose details regarding its implementation of privacy protection. “Personal information” in this context applies to information related to individuals and information that makes it possible to identify individuals.

1. When dealing with personal information, the University will strictly adhere to laws and other related regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

2. In terms of obtaining or using personal information, the University will only obtain information for designated purposes of use, and the information will never be provided to third parties. Purpose of use in this case refers to the personal information used during contact and enquiries by way of this website.

3. To protect personal information, the University thoroughly manages information within the university and implement training and compliance with rules for the University’s personnel with a functioning management system.

4. The University will undertake reasonable securities measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, and leaks of information, and endeavor to confirm information accurately.

5. The University will respond swiftly in the event that collected personal information is no longer needed or when complaints, amendments, deletion, or suspension of use are requested solely by the person who provided the information.

6. If by chance an unforeseen circumstance occurs with collected personal information, the University will swiftly notify the person(s) who provided the information, business contacts, and other involved parties, and endeavor to contain damage caused by human error to the utmost extent.

7. For information of customer organizations with which the University has transactions on a commercial basis, the University will obtain authorization and confirmation regarding the scope of its use, and it will take responsibility for personal information according to those rules.

8. Although the University’s website may post links to the websites of other organizations, the University bears absolutely no responsibility in regard to the privacy policies of other websites outside of its own.

9. This website uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool from Google, for the purpose of measuring the frequency of the website accessed, analyzing its usage status, and making improvements.Google Analytics collects information regarding website access by using cookies in a web browser. The access information collected is anonymous and it does not identify the user personally.

Please check this website for more information about the Terms of Service for Google Analytics.
10. Accessing this website will be considered as users granting permission for Google to process data.

11. Users may reject collection of data by disabling cookies in their browser’s settings.

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